Friday, November 21, 2008

Elmbrook District "Blew the Budget"

What the hell is this?

To make up for a $4.5 million mechanical systems budget overage, officials might strip as much as $1.8 million in features and design flourishes from proposed renovation plans for Brookfield East and Central high schools

Oh, really? Why?

Heating and cooling systems at both schools have been doing most of that taking, said John Foster of construction manager C.G. Schmidt.

“There’s no doubt that we blew the budget when we budgeted at referendum time,” Foster said. “We had no plans (with which) to base our numbers off of at pre-referendum.”

So are you telling us that the Board of Education went to referendum with a Stupid Wild-Ass Guess?

Perhaps Board members should be asked a few hard questions, eh?


Cindy K. said...

Yes, Dad, a stupid wild-ass guess that you supported without question.

Dad29 said...

Gee, Cindy.

I don't recall YOUR blog mentioning that the Board did NOT HAVE THE INFO prior to the vote.

I supported the ref'dum because I thought that the Board and its employees/agents were diligent.

If you posted about the lack of diligence, specifically about the SWAG in question, then I guess you were diligent.

If not, then....draw your own conclusions, Cindy.