Thursday, November 27, 2008

It Ain't the Now; It's the FutureNow

P-Mac notes that the "now" of the Obamamamama isn't what really counts.

He quotes from Crouse at the American Thinker:

“What Obama's critics are overlooking is that he is a former community organizer; he prefers to work under the radar, starting from the grassroots. Those who are looking at the top layer of the Obama Administration wanting to see a sign of the ‘second coming of Saul Alinsky’ (as one blogger put it), are going to be disappointed. Those who watched First Lady Hillary Clinton set up little fiefdoms in all the government agencies to push the policies of the Beijing Platform for Action and those who observed Senator Barack Obama utilize ACORN to build a political machine that spread from Chicago throughout the nation will recognize the strategy and tactics of master manipulators.”

“His minions who are actually carrying the water will be hard-core ‘progressives’ moving the leftist agenda forward largely out of the public's sight in the mid-level management positions of the government's sprawling bureaucracy. Much of the real action will happen behind the scenes in thousands of small decisions and initiatives that will remain nearly invisible until -- like the explosion in the number of mother-only families that followed from Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty -- the transformation of their cumulative effects begins to emerge.”

Shorter-term, the Clintonian "triangulation" will be at work. In operation, the public will be presented with three options: the Alinsky/Stalin one being described as "left," the centrist-Dem/Pubbie option will be described as "rightist," and the Obama left/centrist will be described as "centrist." The MSM will parrot the regime's spinning, taking up their self-assigned role as 'useful idiots.'

As to the long-term--dealing with the "thousands of small decisions and initiatives that will remain nearly invisible"--the red-staters will consolidate in opposition.

Most of them already recognized the pattern. You don't really think all those gun sales were just for the hunting season, do you?

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