Sunday, November 23, 2008

Russ Decker: Hubris? or Stupid?

Naturally, the $5Bn (?) $6Bn (?) (who really knows?) Wisconsin deficit gives the mice a chance to play.

So Russ Decker (D) has declared that the Federally-mandated Real ID program should be delayed. Maybe just scrapped entirely.

He has other plans for the money:

"I think we're going to need that cash to put people to work."

Oh, really Russ? YOU are going to 'put people to work'? On the State payroll?

Get over yourself, Russ.

Just as a reminder, under the Federal law, if you don't have a Real ID, you don't get to fly anyplace on an airplane.

THAT will stimulate commerce, Russ! Think of all those business-types, driving to their meetings in Omaha, New York, L.A., and thinking "Gee. There are a lot of other places I could move my business to...." as they cruise along in their cars.

Perhaps you should start thinking before you talk, Russ.

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