Friday, November 21, 2008

High Tech Tax Methods? Or Just Spying-by-Gummint?

Coming soon to a road near you...

Two hundred Triangle drivers will be recruited this fall to road-test a satellite-technology system that might be used one day to collect highway taxes on every mile we drive … The $16.5 million Road User Charge Study will enlist drivers in six states to determine whether the technology works, and whether Americans would accept a new mileage tax. Volunteers will be asked how they feel about technology that collects information about their driving.

Of course, before implementing the "road-use tax," legislatures will zero out the gasoline tax, no?

Frankly, while the tax-effort deserves resistance, the "I know where you drive every day" part is even more ......ahhhhh.......intriguing. Nothing like having some DOT twerp knowing exactly where you traveled every day of your life...

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Billiam said...

We just recieved notice that the DOT will start doing what they said they wouldn't. Matching our satellite tracking with our log books when doing an audit. No surprise there. I run legal anyway, but, this is why so many are against black boxes. Too much Big Brother. We truckers are an independent and fractious lot, ya know.