Thursday, November 27, 2008

ConLaw "Expert": Communal Responsibility for Torture?

Jonathan Turley showed up on MSNBC the other night...

Turley makes a critical point in the interview -- namely, that the moral burden of torture is on the backs of each one of us until these people are brought to justice.

"We have third world countries that when they have found that their leaders committed torture war crimes, they prosecuted them. But the most successful democracy in history is just, I think, about to see war crimes, do nothing about it. And that's an indictment not just of George Bush and his administration. It's the indictment of all of us if we walk away from a clear war crime and say it's time for another commission."


OK, Jonathan.

And when abortion is once again made a criminal act, shall the US citizens then indict, try, and imprison all those who facilitated or co-operated in it?

Be careful what you wish for, Professor Turley.

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