Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Germantown to Remain Tax-Farm for MATC Leech


The Wisconsin Technical College System Board voted 12-0 today to reject a request from the Germantown School District to secede from the Milwaukee Area Technical College District.

The secession would have resulted in a tax reduction for Germantown School District property taxpayers because Germantown would have affiliated with the lower-taxing Moraine Park Technical College District.

...MATC President Darnell Cole stressed that the vast majority of Germantown residents who go to technical college attend MATC and that MATC would lose $5.7 million per year in property tax revenue if the secession were allowed. He said that includes $4.7 million in annual operating revenue, or the equivalent of 80 full-time positions at MATC.

Several members of the state board, which is meeting today in Pewaukee, said Germantown had not made a case for why secession would be better for students. They also said that revenue from Germantown School District property taxpayers should continue to go to MATC given that three times as many Germantown residents attend MATC as attend Moraine Park

Fuggedabout all the BS. It's the money, honey.

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