Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LeftyWonzo "Argumentation", Distilled

P-Mac notices the general drift of the Left into .....insanity.

"Youre a Poopy-Head."

Yup. That passes as argument, to the Intellectualoids.

McIlheran provides two examples; here's another. Notice that the operative word in this finely constructed and elegant argument is "hate," which requires no proof. It's subjective, you see. So what Other Side declares to be "hate" is "hate."

When you get into the comments, you notice that there's no there there, in his responses; there can't be.

So back to "hate," which explains it all.

Rush wastes a lot of airtime with his "racist sexist homophobe" descriptors; he should simply stick to "I'm a hater."

Easier logic for the Left to follow....


Other Side said...

I see, from now on I'll refer to your nastier moments as merely "odd" and Rush's (et. al.) as "reasoned disagreements".

It is what it is in the eye of the beholder, daddio. Someday you'll be standing before your creator (so you believe) and you'll have a lot to answer for (so I believe).

And one other thing: I believe your response was to point the finger at the so-called lefty media. Victimhood, the great argument of the right. Gimme a break!

Anonymous said...

For claiming to be the side of personal responsibility, they sure do a bang-up job of blaming everyone else for their foibles.