Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roggio's Analysis of Mumbai

Roggio's been there/done that/has several t-shirts.

A couple of excerpts:

The Mumbai attack is uniquely different from past terror strikes carried out by Islamic terrorists. Instead of one or more bombings at distinct sites, the Mumbai attackers struck throughout the city using military tactics. Instead of one or more bombings carried out over a short period of time, Mumbai is entering its third day of crisis.

An attack of this nature cannot be thrown together overnight. It requires planned, scouting, financing, training, and a support network to aid the fighters. Initial reports indicate the attacks originated from Pakistan, the hub of jihadi activity in South Asia. Few local terror groups have the capacity to pull of an attack such as this.

...An estimated 12 to 25 terrorists are believed to have entered Mumbai by sea. After landing, he attack teams initiated a battle at a police station, then fanned across the city to attack the soft underbelly of hotels, cafes, cinemas, and hospitals. Civilians were gunned down and taken hostage, while terrorists looked for people carrying foreign passports.

He doesn't think it's Al-Q:

The Mumbai attack differs from previous terror attacks launched by Islamic terror groups. Al Qaeda and other terror groups have not used multiple assault teams to attack multiple targets simultaneously in a major city outside of a war zone.

The attack on the local police station is key; that move temporarily KO'd police response to other (near-simultaneous) attacks on the soft targets: hotels, movies, shopping areas. Think of the analogy--attacking (say) the Greenfield PD HQ, allowing 10 minutes for the patrol-cars to respond to the HQ, then going into Southridge with grenades and AK's....

IOW, somebody used "western" thinking in assembling this terror.

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