Friday, November 21, 2008

Doyle Points to Man Behind the Tree

Doylie is admitting to the truth, but only $400 million at a time.

Gov. Jim Doyle said Thursday that state government faces a budget deficit of nearly $5.4 billion through mid-2011, $400 million more than he estimated only days ago

First thing to do: raise taxes!

Doyle said he will ask lawmakers early next year to approve a new tax on hospital revenue, which would bring in $200 million more a year in federal Medicaid aid. Hospitals support the assessment, saying it would give them the first rate increase in years.

Doyle repeated his support for a tax on oil companies, which the state Department of Transportation says could raise $393 million by mid-2011. Doyle wants to bar oil companies from passing the tax on to consumers, but critics argue there is no way to do that

...and there isn't. One thinks of the Commerce Clause immediately...

Doylie's arrow-catcher is next, reading from Jim's personally-written script:

"This is the worst deficit in the state's history," state Administration Secretary Mike Morgan said in a report.

The report documents falling tax collections expected through mid-2011 and state agency budget requests for $62.3 billion over that period - requests that cannot be met.
"For the first time in decades, revenue collections are expected to fall in two consecutive fiscal years," Morgan said

Umnnnhhhh....what was the name of that economics-consulting firm you paid to tell you all about the future when you wrote your budget in the first place, Doylie? Did you ask for a refund?

...state government will collect $509 million less in taxes through the budget year that ends June 30.

If you're lucky. That includes turnip-blood, and you're not even going to get that in a lot of cases. Don't forget: food and utility-rates have escalated sharply in the last year, thanks to your sellout to ADM and the Corn-A-Hole boyzzzz.

It may be better to look at simply closing State offices for two weeks around Christmas and then running 3-day weeks for next year.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

"Change" has been in WI for years now. How does it feel?

steveegg said...

How does it feel? Let me put it this way - there isn't enough KY Jelly.