Tuesday, November 18, 2008

National Health Care? How About Catholic Health Care/?

Food for thought from James Capretta in First Things:

...Catholic hospitals remain, by and large, strong and vibrant institutions, and they have earned the gratitude of the communities they serve. Today, 615 hospitals in the United States—or about one of every nine—are sponsored by the Catholic Church. These facilities employ 725,000 workers and serve 5.5 million overnight patients annually, and many millions more on an outpatient basis

The author then discusses the soon-to-be-implemented assault on Catholic values, which will come from the Administration and its Congressional allies. Frankly, it is entirely possible that Catholic-sponsored hospitals will cease providing health-care under Obama's regime.

Can anything be done?

Perhaps, although there is no easy solution here. One promising initiative was pioneered by Robert F. Vasa, now the Bishop of Baker, Oregon...He chose to pull as many people as he could into a single, church-sponsored plan, which would self-insure. The church, not a private insurer, would decide what was and was not covered. With full control, the diocese was able to design an insurance plan consistent with Catholic principles

Consider, for instance, the Archdiocese of Chicago. There are 364 parishes, 217 parochial schools, and 40 secondary schools in Chicago. There are five colleges and universities with a combined faculty of about 3,500, not including staff. All in all, the archdiocese directly employs around 14,000 people, not counting the employees of the twenty-one Catholic hospitals in the region

Actuarially significant, and not un-attractive.

The drumbeat for submission to the dominant, secular healthcare culture will only get louder in the years ahead. Given the threat, now is a good time to investigate all available alternatives.

"Make haste slowly..."

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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

sweet, no coverage for abortions, contraception, ESCR...sounds like the way to go.