Saturday, November 29, 2008

More State Spending! Or Maybe Investment?

The State of Wisconsin already owns about 1/6th of the State's land-mass. However, State ownership of land has not been particularly productive up to now. So DNR has a proposal:

Let's go for a full fifth! And let's make it productive!

Fore a mere $650,000.00 or so, the State can acquire 64 acres of land just west of Harrington Beach, providing shrubs and grass for a bunch of birds such as meadowlark, bobolink, dickcissel and short-eared owl.

Bobolinks and short-eared owls are critical to fueling Wisconsin's economic growth over the next two decades and will replace such medieval entities as 'manufacturers,' 'mineral processors' and 'papermakers' in the economy.

Think $650K is too much? Well, I have a suggestion...

Wait until all those medieval economic entities give up and move out. Then the State can purchase the vacant factories, paper-mills, and quarries really, really, cheap.

Fill 'em up with owls and chickadees.

Then tax bird-seed.

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