Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Hazards

LawDog instructs on the fine art of un-corking bottles of bubbly.

Ladies and gentlemen, nothing takes the sparkle out of a celebration quite like an errant champagne cork ground-zeroing in your hostesses heirloom crystal stemware collection, prized Ming vase or -- worst case scenario -- impacting amidships of Fluffy, and causing said family feline to take a high-velocity lap or six through various displayed pretties.

Plus -- and here I speak to my fellow knuckle-draggers -- as gentlemen, we strive to avoid offering unintended insults or creating unintended awkward situations.

And nothing says "Awkward Situation" quite like the random ricochets of your champagne stopper terminating in the d├Ęcolletage of another gentleman's date.

The correct "how-to" is at the link.

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