Friday, November 28, 2008

Nurse Judy's Little Proposal--UPdated

Maybe Nurse Robson Rached never read the Wisconsin Constitution.

State Sen. Judy Robson (D-Beloit) said Gov. Jim Doyle should include the statewide smoking ban they both support -- one of the most controversial issues in the Capitol in the last two years -- in the state budget proposal the governor will give the Legislature in February.

Robson said adding the smoking ban to the next budget is the quickest way for it to become law, since the Legislature must fix a $346-million deficit in the current budget by June 30.

However, the Constitution states that the budget bill should NOT contain "other" issues, such as banning smoking, requiring sunshine on weekends, or allowing marijuana-growing for Beloit.

UPDATE: Per comments, the Constitution forbids "local" issues, not "other" issues. My bad.

Doesn't change the below comment, though...

Doylie, of course, is happy to have these stories floating around. He needs a few bucks in his campaign fund (the campaign started about 2 weeks ago...)


Anonymous said...

Einstein, you're talking out of your rear end once again. The Constitution says that the Budget can't be stuffed with items which aren't of state-wide interest. A smoking ban would be applicable in 90+ percent of the state, so it wouldn't be infirm. Thanks for playing. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Talk about pulling things out of your rear end Oh brave Anonymous poster. There is no way over 90% of the state wants a statewide ban on smoking. The government should stay out of private business. If a place allows smoking and you are too whimpy to put up with it, then do not patronize the place. If enough of the rest of the smoking Nazi's do not patronize the place, they will either go non-smoking or go out of business.

And I am not a smoker.

Anonymous said...

Jack -- You're also talking out of your rear. I wasn't opining whether or not the state-wide no smoking language should be put in the Budget, only whether or not it would be Constitutional to do so. READ and attempt to comprehend before you pound the keyboard! Reading comprehension apparently isn't one of your strengths.