Monday, November 24, 2008

Torinus Becomes Special Pleader

John Torinus suddenly thinks a lot less of the free market.

...For me and 250 co-workers at Serigraph who make auto parts, it's not an academic or political debate.

The same goes for thousands of other employees at numerous auto parts companies in Wisconsin. They are watching the political gamesmanship in Washington, D.C., with a high level of dismay and disgust.

If the politicos can dole out $700 billion to their buddies on Wall Street and to bankers who bought and sold undercollateralized, high-risk investment instruments, what's the issue with $50 billion to try to save the three American companies in the biggest industry in the country?

Yup. Torinus has his own skin in the game--which kinda had a negative impact on the "Free Market" yapping he's been doing for years.

And of course, he slobbers a lot of red-paint into the picture, hoping that invocations of "Apocalypse Now" and "Starving Workers" will turn the trick (so to speak).

Relax, John. When the Big 2.0000000012 go into BK, you'll have an opportunity to claim some money. More important, John, the industry is not going to disappear from the face of the Earth; it will still be around, maybe with different owners/managers (thank God!) and maybe with better supply-chains.

Meantime, you'd best be writing down your A/R's from the auto industry--no matter WHAT happens in D.C.

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