Friday, May 30, 2008

NBA Commish: You'll Spend More, Milwaukee

Who the hell is THIS guy?

NBA commissioner David Stern said Thursday that the Bradley Center will suffice for now as the home of the Milwaukee Bucks, but the community will have to consider a new arena some day

..."Everybody agrees that this is not the revenue producing arena of the future that will enable the Bucks to compete in the future NBA. But based on good faith on both sides and the attempt to deal with the problem on an ad hoc basis, they seem to be doing OK. The crunch hasn't quite hit yet. But everybody knows this is a building that will ultimately need to be replaced."

"I think down the road given the shape of the bowl and constriction of the site . . . that eventually the citizens of Milwaukee will be facing the issue of a replacement for the Bradley Center," Stern said. "But why rush it? It's a good dialogue to have, a good discussion to have. The negotiations between the Bucks and the Bradley Center will have to reflect on the need to squeeze additional dollars out of this facility. But the Bucks are well managed, and for a period of time, this arena will do. And the planning process will obviously have to begin."

Notice how this guy neatly slips "...the citizens of Milwaukee..." into the BOHICA of "...facing the issue of a replacement for the Bradley Center." And you can expect, over the next several months, that the Mayor of Milwaukee will be shaping the spin to include "...the Greater Milwaukee area..." which will be code for Stadium Tax II.

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Billiam said...

Personally, I'd tell him to kiss my scrote. Then I'd tell Herb that he needs to pony up the cash. Or leave. It's just basketball. In the grand scheme of life, it means nothing.

Headless Blogger said...

Not one person I know gives a rip about Herb's team or attends any of the games. They were nice to have back when the city was thriving and free agency didn't rule, but those days are gone. No NBA elite-star would consider living in Milwaukee, so we will never have another championship team.

Face it, Milwaukee is minor league. The Admirals and that soccer team are more in-tune with the city today. If the Bucks are no longer competing for the same entertainment dollars, those franchises will thrive. We should be thankful for the Brewers, but they are an anomaly.

Besides some sports writers, drug culture thugs, and loud-mouthed radio hosts; who will miss the Bucks?

Go away, NBA.

Dad29 said...

Like you, Headless, I know almost nobody who goes to Bucks games.

It seems to be a 'corporate entertainment' thing.

I won't miss them, and I won't miss Herb Kohl if he goes with them.