Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Less Mass Murder, Thanks to CCW

Not reported in the Milwaukee JS:

...The alleged mass murderer had already killed two victims & had injured two others with gunshot wounds, but after reloading to resume his shooting spree he was shot & killed by an armed CCW permit holder who was also at the bar. The alleged mass murderer & his two dead victims were already dead by the time Police arrived on the scene

(In a small town in Nevada.)

HT: Of Arms and the Law


Other Side said...

One more alleged mass murderer and two more innocent victims because of insufficient gun laws.

Amy said...

Yeah, because people who commit mass murder are going to be detered because they can't use a gun.

Ask how those gun laws work in the UK - where violent crime has now shifted to knives and seen no significant decrease.

Or in DC.

I'd rather have a licensed, CW holder sitting next to me than a misguided, anti-gun liberal who thinks the police have figured out how to teleport or, indeed, even have an obligation to prevent crime.

Dad29 said...

...or, closer to home, the Elisabeth Witte murder.

capper said...

Oh, come on, how many mass knivings has there been? Or a drive by stabbing? Amy, your argument is absurd.

And Elisabeth Witte may not have been saved by a gun, if he was able to get that close to cut her five times. The fault is obviously his, but the police could have been more vigilant, and she could have paid more attention to her surroundings.

Unknown said...

Paying more attention to her surroundings. That would mean that every where she went she would be continually looking for her ex-husband with the assumption that he must be there somewhere. You make it sound like it is her fault that her ex-husband is unstable.

Anonymous said...

Lois...I had the same thought but when I saw the source of that asinine comment I realized it wasn't even worth rebutting.

My sympathies go out to you Dad29.