Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Madison Disconnect

Had the occasion to drive to Madison on Memorial Day.

Nice day for a drive, too...

And nice to know how the REST of the State lives.

Gasoline out there? $3.86/gal. for 'regular.'

When we left Milwaukee, the signs here read $4.16.


Headless Blogger said...

I think its the Summer blend market distortion for the reformulated stuff. The E10 gas in Madison doesn't have to meet the same requirements as our E10. It is cheaper in Manitowoc, too.

Dad29 said...

You're right.

Usually there is a negligible spread during the 6 "cold" months.

Phelony Jones said...

Someone's gotta feed the Eloi

capper said...

The prices up north, even with winter blend, was usually cheaper.

Waupaca was $3.84 when MKE hit $4.19 (and it was ethanol gas too). That discrepency is way to big to be accounted for by simply blaming it on summer blend.