Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kohl and Feingold: Big Pig Spenders

Although there is little hope that Nobody's Senator and the Panderer (Kohl and Feingold, respectively) will support the veto of the President, they should be reminded that the Farm Bill is NOT a net benefit to Wisconsin residents.

Pathetic. Craven. Irresponsible. Unprincipled. Those and similar adjectives apply to every member of Congress who voted for the bloated, anti-consumer piece of legislative corruption known as the Food and Energy Conservative Act of 2008 a k a as “the farm bill.” President Bush has promised to veto the bill. To put it plainly, everybody in Congress who votes to override the coming Bush veto should be retired come November because they will have voted for a measure that is nothing more -- or less -- than a $300 billion giveaway of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money. This is especially true for conservative Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats who brag about their fiscal rectitude.

Here's Your Senators' version of "helping middle Americans"

...columnist Tim Carney described how the bill increases subsidies for domestic sugar growers that, combined with restrictions on imported sugar, will drive up U.S. food prices substantially -- and, even worse, how it provides for the government to buy “excess” sugar at high prices, then re-sell it to ethanol facilities at as little as one-tenth the price.

...it will continue to give subsidies to millionaires who actually live in Manhattan and who might not even use their “farmland” for food crops. (Those subsidies will come from tax dollars confiscated from millions of working families of four making, say, $35,000. How is that fair?)

And there are several dozen "poor farmers" in Wisconsin who have taken in MILLIONS of subsidy-dollars over the last few years, as well.

It's worth a call. And it's worth haranguing Nobody's and The Panderer about when they show up in the State.

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