Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back-Billed for Gas? Reality-Check Time

Yah, it's awful.

At least 21,000 We Energies customers are getting hit with unexpected bills totaling about $3 million after broken meters failed to accurately report natural gas usage this winter

We Energies is back-billing customers by estimating their gas usage.

As you might imagine, some folks are unhappy with the results.

A couple of days ago we got the bill for usage from early April through early May. We used LESS natural gas and LESS electricity than the year-ago period. (The utility provides cute little charts right on the bill.)

And the bill was higher than the year-ago comparable--by about $30.00. That's because the utility is charging more per therm and per KWH than last year.

Too bad about the meter problem, but hey! Prices are up, folks.

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