Thursday, May 22, 2008

GWB: Mousing Out, Again

It's not news that GWBush likes to spend other people's money--and a LOT of it.

So even when he says he doesn't like spending, he's ....spineless?

Quin Hillyer:

...NRO wisely noted several days ago that Bush should take his time before issuing the veto -- he is allowed ten days -- in order to give his allies time to make the case to the public about why his veto ought to be sustained. Bush could have waited until the very end of next week, and vetoed the bill just as Congress was going out of session, giving Congress no time to override his veto before its Memorial Day recess. That way, Bush and conservatives could have had ten days to make their case about why the bill is so gawdawful, and get the public sufficiently upset about the bill that the congressmen would hear about it in no uncertain terms during town meetings. THEN Bush would have had a chance to actually defeat an attempted override vote.

But no. Georgie hit the red-button almost immediately.

...Remember that Bob Novak reported earlier this week the same thing I heard independently, that the president offered only a tepid explanation for his coming veto when he met with GOP House members last week, and that he immediately said he understood that good people like Bob Goodlatte put a lot of work into the bill and he understands if they pass it despite his wishes. And he offered the congressmen no specific reasons, or very very few, why the bill was so bad. That, combined with this hasty veto, tells me the president wants credit for finally taking a real stand against spending, while not really wanting his stand to, well... to stand.

Frustrating is one word to describe this. And it's the only polite word I can find.

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