Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tell Me Again About "Not 'Nuff Money" for UW Officials

Every few years (or more frequently) we hear all about the AWFUL situation at UW; they just cannot possibly recruit and hire qualified folks for positions because the compensation schedule is insufficient.

Martin, who reportedly made more than a half-million dollars in fiscal year 2006, will be taking a pay cut to come to Madison -- although she will make significantly more than Wiley's pay of $327,000 per year. In February, the UW Board of Regents voted to set a pay range of $370,000 to $452,000 for the position in an attempt to attract top candidates for the job.

The new Chancellor-ette took a CUT in pay to come to UW.


Which logical conclusion (based on the "compensation problem" blather) will the Regents choose?

1) Actually, $450K plus house plus car plus all expenses is sufficient for a high-prestige appointment such as UW-Madison; or

2) This candidate is not highly qualified.

By the way, you'll be hearing even more about "Domestic Partner Benefits."

"Domestic partner benefits have become increasingly important and it's the case that faculty do leave universities without them for universities that offer those benefits," says Martin

The big secret with "D P Bennies" of course, is that the bennies are payable for any current shackup. It's Universal HealthCare with window dressing nomenclature.

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