Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For Senator Kennedy

Apparently the brain tumor is malignant. It is not clear whether this is the "aggressive" or not-so-"aggressive" type.

There are a lot of reasons to pray for the Senator.

Choose the one you feel best with, and pray.


Anonymous said...

Even though he is a killer, a drunk, a sexual harrasser and a first class hypocrite, I hope the best scenario happens to him. But keep in my prayers, not a chance. There are many more people I would rather pray for than him and who deserve prayer more than him. Start with Mary Jo Kopenche and his niece, I believe, who was locked up at ST. Colletta's for most of her life.

Dad29 said...

It was Kennedy's sister who was at St C's.

Other Side said...

It was his sister, Rosemary.

Regardless ... you are such a jerk, Dan. Your glass cleaner expenses must be out of this world.

Daddio, decent enough post.

Other Side said...

Oops. Ya beat me by three minutes.

Anonymous said...

Politically, I am world's apart from Sen. Kennedy. But these kinds of comments are uncalled for given the man is dying. Given that, let the judging of his life be up to God. I will pray for him simply because he is a child of God and is suffering.

Amy said...

The prognosis is not good. Given the nature of the treatment they're talking about, someone speculated the tumor is in a place where it cannot be reached by surgery.

I'm sending prayers - lots of them - his way.

For all their fame and fortune, the Kennedys have some pretty rotten luck.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about me, I really don't care. Kennedy is an evil man and I will not have prayers for him. Do I wish him suffering, no. Do I wish his family any ill will. No. But the facts are he killed an innocent woman and never owned up to it. He was an active participant of locking up his sister for almost her entire life in an institution (thanks for the correction). I don't care about his politics in this matter, but you have to admit that he is an evil man and I will not lose any sleep over his illness and no prayers are forthcoming. Now, if he owns up to what he has done, maybe that will change things, but he has not offered any repentance for his actions.

Other Side said...

My god, Dan. You're not only a jerk, but you are an idiot. The FACT is that Rosemary Kenndedy had a lobotomy peformed in 1941 at the behest of her father. It was hoped it would cure her mood swings. Instead the lobotomy reduced her to an infantile state, incontinent and unaware of her surroundings. Her mother was devastated. It was a family decision to have her placed at St. Collettas where she would receive the proper care.

When she died in 1997, her three living sisters and her brother, Ted, were there at her side.

That you would insinuate that somehow Kenndy was responsible for her condition is beyond the pale. As far as Ms. Kopechne, how do you know what conversations occurred between Kennedy and the Kopechne family? You don't.

You are a vile and pathetic little person, Dan.

Amy said...

And, from what I understand, the nuns at St. Colletta's took excellent care of Rosemary.

As tragic as that case was, what the Kennedys did was no different from how most disabled persons were treated.

but you have to admit that he is an evil man and I will not lose any sleep over his illness and no prayers are forthcoming.

I do not have to admit he's an "evil" man. I vehemently disagree with his politics and many choices he's made, but the ultimate state of his soul is a matter between him and God.

I pray for him - he's a 76 year old man with a fatal disease. With a wife, children, and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

The labotomy procedure performed on Dan went better than on Rosemary and thus he didn't need to be institutionalized. He was instead given a public teaching credential.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, you are a freaking idiot and moron. Now wonder you don't to show your name because if the world found out who you were, you would be embarassed how stupid you are.
Amy, she got great care at Saint Collettas, no doubt it, but that is not the point. At the time, yes, people were put in institutions, but in time, they were placed in group homes or community based facilities. They chose to keep her locked up in an institution.
other side, your description of her is false. I did not say he was responsible for her condition. Perhaps a little lesson in reading might help you. Maybe we should start with A... B...C.. can you repeat those letters, other side? I knew you could. I am saying he is partly responsible for keeping her institutionalized and he could have gotten her more freedom if he wanted to.
I am saddened you gloss over the fact he killed a girl and never owned up to it and pretty much bought off the police and DA at the time.
What is your definition of evil? By what you are saying is that no one is evil. If that is the case, fine. But for me, someone who kills another person in a reckless manner, refuses to get help for her and cares more about himself than the victim is evil. I am not condeming him to hell for I do not what awaits him or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

"As far as Ms. Kopechne, how do you know what conversations occurred between Kennedy and the Kopechne family? You don't."
Is that now the standard for killing people, other side? Maybe the pill pushing ex doctor who killed the assistant principal from Oconomowoc should try that defense.

Other Side said...

other side, your description of her is false.

Really, Dan? Why don't you enlighten us then.

I am saying he is partly responsible for keeping her institutionalized and he could have gotten her more freedom if he wanted to.

And you have first-hand knowledge of this? More freedom? She didn't know where she was. She was incontinent. You do know what that means?

My god, you are stupid. You honestly believe the Kennedys kept her intentionally locked up against her will. What a pathetic thing to say.

Anonymous said...

Other Side, I realize you have to speak the party line even if you hve absoutley no clue what you are talking about.
Yes, I do have some information about her situation as I did some volunteer work there and knew some people who lived there.
Did you ever thiunk(doubtful since all you do is spout the party line) why did they put her in an instutition in the middle of a fram in central WI? Doesn't MA have any place or anywhere else in New England? Maybe they wanted her far away from MA. Is there a large Kennedy clan in Jefferson? I don't think so,
I realize you are extremely ignorant about people with disabilities. Just because a person is incontinent or know where they are does not automatically qualify them to be instutitionalized for the rest of their lives. I've worked with several thousand people with disabilities and many were incontinent and didn't know where they were thrived in the outside world. I also know many, mnay people who were institutionalized and came out from the institution and succeeded as best they could in group homes and CBRF's.
So, yes, the Kennedy clan kept her instutitionalized when did not have to be and they kept 1/2 a country away from her family. Truly pathetic, as are you, Other Side for defending the undefensible.

Anonymous said...

Finally, Other Side, Eunice Kennedy Shriver started special Olympics to give people with mental disabilities an opportunity to participate in sports and to become more independent and to participate in community activities. It helped get people out of the institutions and into the community. But I guess it didn't apply to Rosemary, did it?