Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mikey Huebsch Gets the Woodshed--In Public

Jim Sensenbrenner, who did the RIGHT THING regarding Corn-A-Hole, puts Mikey Huebsch (and Robin Vos, another slime-turtle) in the woodshed at the Pubbie convention:

“Unfortunately, Speaker Huebsch decided to push it [the budget repair bill] through the Assembly. And he did so in a manner which does not fix the problems of overtaxing, and replaces transportation fees with more state borrowing - exactly the same move which helped destroy the Republican brand. Everyone can see this is a political shell game that simply postpones the hard decisions.

Sometimes, leadership consists of saying “NO” to bad policies, rather than going along to get along.”

Kudos to the Congressman for remaining civil.

Sensenbrenner COULD have added that Huebsch's pansy-ass "repair" bill allowed Jim Doyle to outfox Republicans--because Doyle found $250 million in spending cuts that Mikey boy couldn't.

"Leadership," my ass, Mikey.

HT: Owen

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