Monday, May 19, 2008

Jebby Joke

Have you heard the one about the young man who was sitting in church for hours praying fervently when approached by a priest who asked,

'May I help you, my son ?'

said -

'Father, I am making a novena for a Lexus' and the priest asked, '

What is a Lexus my son ?'

The young man explained it was a high end car, the priest said he did not pray for material things and it was getting late so if he wanted to continue to pray he could go down the street to the Jesuit parish, they were open late.

The young man again became deep in prayer and a Jesuit came out and asked,

'May I help you, my son ?'

and the young man again explained that he was making a novena for a Lexus

- - - the Jesuit asked, 'What is a novena, my son ?

HT: Gerald

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