Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Money? No Problem!!

Just take it at the point of a gun.

Here is a list of the WCTC Board members who voted to take MORE tax money:

Joan Jenstead, Michael Jakus, Marilyn Grainger, Paul Strobel, Ronald Bertieri, Pauline Jaske, Richard Brandt.

The comedy routine, as reported by the Milwaukee JS:

WCTC officials said they need more property tax revenue next year to pay for faculty positions in business management, health care and other areas with high student demand.

Note well: they Board did NOT require the Administration to drop faculty positions in areas of little or no demand. Thus we are indirectly advised that ALL WCTC programs are "in demand."

Kaylen Betzig, vice president of administrative services, said the college also faces higher operating costs for retiree pensions, motor vehicle fuel and other operating expenses.

"Costs all over are going up," she said.

Yes, Kaylen. Especially when "public servants" cannot control their appetites for mo'MONEY.

Without the recommended tax increase, Betzig said, WCTC would be ill-equipped to meet student needs and would run the risk of relegating students to waiting lists in popular areas, if not losing them to other schools.

"Obviously, we want them to come here," she said.

Maybe it's obvious to you. But it's not so obvious that WCTC should enter a bidding war for students by giving away taxpayers' money.

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Anonymous said...

Jakus is like Herpes...he just won't go away.