Saturday, May 31, 2008

National Gun Ban: Get Rich Selling Knives

In England:

One of Britain's leading trauma surgeons has told how one in three of his Accident & Emergency patients is now a stabbing victim.

Karim Brohi, a consultant surgeon at the Royal London Hospital, said the proportion of injuries from knives and guns was now on a level with - if not greater than - cities such as Los Angeles or Chicago.

He described how, on occasions, the wards in his hospital resembled "a war zone" with some patients being treated for their second or third knife wound.

And - in a letter to the Evening Standard - Mr Brohi, along with two senior trauma medics, called for more prevention strategies to solve the underlying causes of knife crime.

No question about it. Gun control worked.

HT: Clay Cramer


Amy said...

Next, knives will be banned. Then the thugs will move on to baseball bats or some other blunt weapon.

Because anti-gun types can't get it through their heads: gun bans don't decrease violence. If someone is going to commit a crime, they're going to do it. If they can't find a gun illegally, they'll use a knife -- or something else.

All those laws do is make a populace a bunch of easy targets.

Anonymous said...

Dad, let's go open an axe and chainsaw franchise over there.

Dad29 said...

Beats going to PRC, Badger.

capper said...

Gee, it said hospital, not morgue, so Daddio is correct, the laws worked. Also see that there was no mention of the murder rate compared to Average City, USA. Oh, those darn inconvenient truths getting in the way again!!

Any figures on those drive by knivings or mass knivings yet?

JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

It's quite obvious that guns make impulse killing easier. Gun bans have "worked" many times. I'm against them as a matter of principle, not based on how I can manipulate data.