Friday, May 30, 2008

GWB Was McClellan's Kinda Guy

All you need to know about McClellan (and his godfather, GWB) is in this little quote:

Tom Pauken, who chaired the state's Republican Party in 1994 and whose bona fides are well established, warned in May 1999 that Bush was a "me-too Republican."

Comments the Spectator's Paul Chesser:

When loyalists to President Bush -- most notably Karl Rove -- say they are shocked about the things McClellan wrote in his new book about the administration (and what he's saying now), I have little sympathy. After all, this is what (pretty much) the whole Republican establishment tried to sell with the Bush package back in 2000, including how great it was that he worked with Democrats...

It's no surprise that GWB is an extremely 'moderate' Republican. So why is it a surprise that his entourage consists of the same?

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