Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good Catch, Jess: The Governor Lies Again!!

Jessica noticed this whopper which (yawn) the MSM printed:

...the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article today puts the blame for cutting prosecutors' positions completely at the feet of "lawmakers", and leaves the Doyle administration (Read: Department of Administration) completely out of it.

The audit notes that the State Prosecutors Office in DOA calculates the funding formulas. DOA wrote the response letter to the audit. The biggest hit, notes the audit, came in 2003, when 15 prosecutors statewide lost their jobs. Let's look back at how the Journal Sentinel reported those cuts at the time:

District attorneys from Waukesha, Racine and four other counties plan to ask the state Supreme Court today to halt the Doyle administration's plans to fire 15 prosecutors from 12 counties effective Sunday.

In fact, at the time, in 2003, Doyle's spokesman defended the prosecutors' cuts after DAs (including my husband) said they would sue to block them:

"The district attorneys have the same obligation to the taxpayers that the governor does," Leistikow said. "The taxpayers expect the district attorneys to be more fiscally responsible than this."

Obviously, someone at the JS doesn't "check the clips."

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RAG said...

Not only did Doyle fire 15 prosecutors, he cut 15 additional prosecutor positions from the state budget and refused to accept Byrne grant funded positions. Plus statewide prosecutors were required to accept four-day unpaid furloughs.