Tuesday, July 31, 2007

News Control, Belling's Way


Belling is fond of ranting that the MSM often "controls" the news by NOT reporting some things.

So today, he begins his show with 'the three biggest stories' in the news, telling us that they are both "business news" stories.

First he yaps about Midwest Air going bye-bye. (Scroll)

Then he yaps about Aurora purchasing a physicians' group. (Scroll)

Then he mentions that Murdoch will buy the Wall Street Journal.

What's missing?

How about a local firm writing off up to ONE BILLION DOLLARS on the subprime mortgage market?

Well, it can't be a big story if one still peddles the "everything's rosy" line...


steveegg said...

There's 3 hours to fill. Let's see if he still forgets it at 5:30.

Dad29 said...

He brought it up--AFTER Paul googled and found that this blog scored him for being...ah...

insufficiently aware of REALLY major events in business.

Anonymous said...

Heh...nice job.