Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Story to Read to Your Children, in 3 Parts: Groundbreaking Blog Literature

This is worth the 15 minutes it will take to read it, and it is most certainly worth the time if you have children approaching their mid- to late-teens and who drive.

But it ain't pretty; or better-put, it is the reality, not the Hollywood.

Here's Part Two--from the Ambo driver.

And Part Three--from a lady who could get along just fine with Phel, the Birthday Gal... but whose narrative is necessarily dispassionate, for the worst reason.

(By the way, there's plenty of info about the Cost of Health Care in these three posts...)

Finally, this collection of stories is groundbreaking, to my knowledge. Here we have three separate bloggers relating a single event, but contributing only a narration of their own "part" in the event.

HT: LawDog


Barbara said...

Thank you for picking up on why my part was "necessarily dispassionate." I purposely tossed in all the "other" stuff we have to do so that folks would get the picture. As you said, it's the reality, not the Hollywood. It's not so "romantic" as being out in the field, but if they make it to our doors, it's where the buck stops and bureaucracy really kicks in.

And as we titled it, it is the Perspective of the individuals involved. We spun this tale not so much as entertainment, but as a way to show how we intersect and how the viewpoints vary - so that we can all learn something from the individual professional's (and person's) place in the bigger picture.

And I, for one, am thrilled that the story has touched so many people. I hope it can open some doors for discussion, not only among our teenagers, but also among policymakers who don't really grasp what it is that they expect of us.

Matt G said...

Uh, just mark me down for what the purty lady in the scrubs just said, above.

Thanks, much. This project was much more successful than I could have imagined, at achieving the goal of conveying what we sometimes see.

No, we don't see it every day (thank Gawd!). But don't think for a second that it doesn't happen far more often than it should.

Dad29 said...

RARELY do I get authors to comment on postings.

Thanks to both of you for what you do...and to the AD who joined your "group-post."

Babs, policy-makers don't give a rat's ass. MAYBE your story will have an impact b/c it hit the 'net.

Let's hope so.

RAG said...

With 34 years in law enforcement I can tell you every word is real.

Ambulance Driver said...

Thanks for the link, Dad29!

Matt G said...

I posted a follow-up post on Perspectives-- I found out what happened to Tony.

--Matt G (The cop.)