Wednesday, July 18, 2007

National "Catholic" Reporter Demographic

This is far, far worse than the demographics of the Milwaukee JS:

...Let me share with you a little more about NCR readers, which I suspect will surprise many of you. The average age of an NCR reader is about 68. This average has been on a continual rise since the late '60s, when the average age was about 36.

(Quoted from "The Editor's Desk" by Gerald Augustus/Cafeteria Is Closed)

The NCR is the flagship of the Lefties of the American Catholic Church--it's the 'Catholic' version of the NYTimes, mutatis mutandis.

And the revelation above is not really a surprise. Some will argue that this is related to the recent survey demonstrating that 'the yout' do not read newspapers. I doubt it. Even the Milwaukee JS has better demographics than the above.

What is REALLY the case here is the even more remarkable renaissance of Tradition and its values, which are eschewed regularly and vigorously by the NCR. Even its own writer, John Allen, sees this.

So one wonders why any Catholic parish would waste its money advertising in the NCR's "Help Wanted" section--I mean, what are you going to do when the youngest applicant for your Church Musician position is 76?


RAG said...

I haven't seen a National Catholic Reporter in many years. Perhaps the above is why.

xxxxxx said...

Oh, this is funny! I hear Call to Action caters to those same bray seniors.