Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Massive Force Works

We'll give Nan and Tom some credit:

An anti-crime initiative that put Milwaukee police on patrol in some of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods this summer received credit on Monday for a nearly 22% drop in non-fatal shootings as well as a decrease in overall homicides during 2007.

Police noted that between Jan. 6 and July 29 this year, there have been 275 non-fatal shootings, down from 351 during the same period in 2006.

That is key.

Other figures included 110 firearms recovered, 50 of those involving felons possessing firearms.

"Felon-in-possession" can also be prosecuted at the Federal level, due to the hard work of the NRA. It's a Federal crime for a felon to have as little as one bullet in his possession, not to mention the weapon which fires it.

The neighborhood folks understand reality 101:

Residents in the latest targeted area said that although more patrols have put troublemakers on notice, consistency is needed in the program to keep the community safe.

That 'consistency' is also (generally) known as the Broken Windows Method. Now the question: can the MPD execute 'Broken Windows' for less than $2 million in extra spending?

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