Sunday, July 29, 2007

More of Marty Haugen's Legacy

We're told that these are the lyrics to 'Gather Us In'--audible only when the MP3 is played backwards:

On planet Venus, new hope is waiting
We'll go to space whose cadets we areS
ee here our spaceship, oh how elating!
Brought here to take us, we say au revoir.

Gather us in we are a bit cuckoo
Gather us in 'ere retirement's here
Call to us loud for we might not hear you
We shall take off let's kick it in gear.

We are the left our views are a mystery
We are the ones who are so out of place
We have been pests throughout all of history
Called to be plight to the whole human race

Gather us in we're rich lib'ral loonies
Gather us in the loud and the wrong
Give us some merlot we're not in the boonies
Give us the courage to wear just a thong

Gerald has the complete version here.

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xxxxxx said...

Please! The last thing I need is that song in my head!