Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ruuuudeee!! Makes a Point

Via the AmSpec blog, from The Corner, dissing Tricky Dick and his moronic minions:

As I was about to leave his office, Mayor Giuliani said there was something he wanted me to see. He stood, walked to his desk, riffled among some papers for a moment, then found what he wanted and picked it up. He showed me a bound report. “This is hilarious,” Giuliani said. “You’ll love it.”

The federal government, he explained, had just conducted a study of Yankee Stadium, checking it for accessibility to the disabled. The inspectors had found some three thousand instances in which Yankee Stadium failed to meet federal standards.

The path of travel out of the Yankee dugout was accessible only by steps, not a ramp, making it impossible to get a wheelchair onto the field. The dressing bench in the Yankee locker room was forty-five inches long by sixteen inches deep instead of the required forty-eight inches long by twenty-four inches deep. The toilets in the locker room had a seat height of sixteen inches, one inch below the required seventeen inches. The spout of the drinking fountain in the weight room was forty-two inches off the floor instead of the required thirty-six inches.

"The urinals are too high,” Giuliani continued, laughing. “The toilet paper dispenser is incorrectly mounted on the back wall of the toilet. Do you believe anybody does this? I mean, people get paid to do this.”

After I ran a "cost of regulations" post, a commenter stated that he did not believe the 'cost of regulation' was as high as the post stated.

Hope he reads this post, too. He'll have a chance to apologize.

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Billiam said...

Ever read "The Death of Common Sense" by Phillip Howard? He has many excellent examples of how the Citizens with Disabilities Act is being mis-used and abused. By the Gummint. No surprise.