Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cheese, Then Phones, Then a Lawsuit

It's becoming obvious. First, they buy the cheese. Then they buy the phones. Then they will sue the locals for "invidious race-based oppression and arrest."

Police questioned two men from Michigan who were buying a large quantity of Tracfones from Dollar General and Pamida Wednesday, July 11.

According to the police report, the men said a friend was giving them away as a promotion in selling garage doors.

The report said the men had a clipboard with a print-out of every Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Shopko that sells Tracfones in Wisconsin.

"Without question, the two individuals were using the Tracfones for something other than a garage door promotion," said the report.

The report said both men appeared to be extremely nervous and several times brought up the fact that they were pulled over only because they are of Middle Eastern descent.

Police found a pillow case on the passenger side front seat containing 74 Tracfones that were removed from their original packaging.

"This is why we don't think the phones were for a garage door promotion," said Police Chief Dale Heeringa.

Heeringa's racist minions should have waited for them to hit the local cheese store. THEN we'd know for sure and he could drop-ship these bozos to Gitmo.

HT: Jessica, again!


Billiam said...

No surprise Dad. They paid attention to other race cries from people of color who claim it was racist that they were pulled over. At night. They've learned well. Cry race, and people go all to pieces. Sissies!

RAG said...

Love this story from a California Highway Patrol officer who stopped a guy for doing 95 miles per hour in a 55 zone.

The motorist immediately began protesting that the only reason he was pulled over was because he is black. Without missing a beat the patrolman responded, "You must not be following the news. The state has a financial crisis. We're don't have the newfangled color radar like the Weather Channel. We only have the old-fashioned kind and the only thing mine told me was that you were driving 95 miles per hour."