Sunday, July 22, 2007

Careful, Mr. Torinus

John Torinus is on a crusade to prevent Nurse Rached Robson's "CubaCare" from becoming reality in Wisconsin.

He points out that there are other, better ways to deliver the goods while not root-and-branch tearing out the existing system. Like, for example, HSA/HRA options, combined with forcing hospitals and other providers to publish prices.

His enthusiasm, however, should not lead to blanket endorsements of such follies as 'the Massachusetts plan' which was signed into law by Mitt Romney. RomneyCare was, in the famous phrase, "a good idea at the time."

Since "the time," however, it's been nothing but trouble, and already the "cost reduction" alarm is being sounded. No surprise: the Massachusetts plan, like the Wisconsin proposal, started from a ridiculously lowball cost estimate.

Maybe the Mass. Plan is a good idea. Maybe not. But a lot more thinking should go into it.

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