Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pedro Colon: Is He Deaf, or Are Taxpayers Dumb?

Seems like Pedro (D-Milwaukee) is a bit condescending--AND he still doesn't get it.

Confronted with one suburb's talk of leaving the Milwaukee Area Technical College district, the school's board on Friday seemed of two minds. One said reach out to and demonstrate MATC's value to the region. The other characterized the renegade moves as mere politics.

...MATC board member Pedro Colón chafed a little at the idea of justifying or defending the school. He said that while it's important to have those discussions, the Germantown move is less about education than it is about politics.

"This is really a political debate about people that don't want to pay taxes," Colón said. "We provide a value. I don't want to justify a bunch of political whims."

Germantown's proposal runs contrary to efforts throughout the area to encourage regional economic development, like the Milwaukee 7, Colón said.

"Don't want to pay taxes," Pedro?

Kettle Moraine Tech (the one Germantown wants to join with) collects taxes. And the Germantown residents WILL PAY those taxes.

But they will not pay the PedroTax--the bloated payroll-and-bennies scheme you approved for the MATC faculty and staff.

In other action, the college board unanimously approved a contract with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 587 unit representing 425 support staff at the college.

The agreement gives pay raises across the board and adds sick leave for part-time workers.

(The faculty agreement is still in negotiation.)

See, Pedro, the taxpayers are not dumb. You, Pedro, are deaf.

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