Monday, July 23, 2007

Feingold: "It Was NOT A Stunt!!"

All I heard was that quick take from a WTMJ-radio interview.

Stunt-Man Feingold, (D-al-Quaeda) was defensive and more than a little testy with the newsman interviewing him on the radio about the US Senate's stunt-overnight "debate" on withdrawal from Iraq.

Maybe Feinie's a little concerned that the public sees him and his wacko allies for what they are: political clowns.

StuntMan Feingold.

It has a cadence to it. And more than just sarcasm.

StuntMan also voted against the "John Doe" amendment. Well, here's something to think about, Rusty:

The nation's top intelligence official yesterday went further than ever before in outlining what he described as a heightened threat of an al Qaeda attack on American soil.

"Their attempt is to cause mass casualties," said Adm. Michael McConnell, director of national intelligence, on NBC's "Meet the Press" program. "Second [priority] is political and possibly economic disruption."

..."What we see currently is primarily a focus on explosives -- explosives that can generate a large explosion, but they're put together with commercially available material," he said.

McConnell says small numbers of al Qaeda operatives are in this country raising funds. But he said he knows of no al Qaeda cells in the country that are capable of launching a strike at this time.

"I worry that there are sleeper cells in the U.S.," McConnell said. "I do not know."

In other words, StuntMan, your unhinged vote against "John Doe" elevates the risk. Even the CIA and FBI do not know whether there is a clear and present danger--although they certainly think that it exists, they cannot prove it.

UNTIL some "John Doe" steps forward, it will be a matter of some luck (or not.)

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