Saturday, July 28, 2007

Obama Buys the Guns Mythology

One expects this sort of silliness from a speech delivered in Chicago (a no-concealed-carry zone, if you bother with laws...) and from a Dimowit.

"We need to express our collective anger through collective action," Obama said.

He said the government needs to permanently reinstate an assault weapons ban and close regulatory loopholes that protect unscrupulous gun dealers.

But the folly of "assault weapons" nomenclature is mindbendingly absurd.

Frankly, I know of NO weapon which is not an "assault" weapon, and that includes kitchen knives, pepperspray, and table-forks--like the ones banned from airlines by the TSA.

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Anonymous said...

It never fails to amaze me how shaking in the boots scared some tough old gun lovin' guys can get when someone says the words gun control.

"Oh no," they squeal, we will have to register our guns! And that means ... well I just can't figure out how that's scary. But it's always good to know how easy it is to scare off a guy with a gun LOL.

Dad29 said...

Dear Nancy,

The guns are ALREADY registered. See, I follow the law.

Now as to removing them from my possession by fiat--that may cause a nasty reaction, and it ain't "shaking in the boots."

Tell me, Nancy, do you use real money to purchase ignorance?

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Fear. Of course you get to cloak it in the wild west bad ass "I'll do in anybody comin' to get my gun" talk - but it's nothing but fear. And of what?

Look at history - totalitarian & fascist governments are the ones who like to do that sort of thing. But instead of looking at things logically and realistically, you freak out that someone wants your guns. Well rest assured. I don't want your guns. I really could care less about them. And I certainly don't need your freaked out militia mentality. And that was free :).

Dad29 said...

Actually, Nancy, totalitarians are weapons-grabbers, as you say.

No reason to help them along.

Especially when the 2nd Amendment is perfectly clear on the issue.

As opposed to you, Nancy. Your posts are obtuse, but you do seem to have a "fear/power" fixation.

Maybe a visit to a nice doctor will help. There are meds for your condition.

Dad29 said...

Sorry nancy. Your remarks are not going to see the light of day here any longer.

Come back when you're well.

Anonymous said...

And words again are more powerful than guns. Enjoy your self imposed world view, I will pray for you.