Saturday, July 21, 2007

How Goes Iraq?

Not likely to be printed by AP (the Allah-Press):

---As Operation Phantom Thunder and the Baghdad Security Plan are underway, al Qaeda in Iraq has failed to launch a major attack inside Baghdad over the past week. Operation Phantom Thunder, the overarching security operation in Baghdad's Belts of eastern Anbar, northern Babil, and Diyala, continues to pressure al Qaeda's support and leadership network, and Coalition forces are maintain the pressure on the Iranian-backed Special Groups.

---Iraqi and Coalition special operations forces conducted several intelligence-driven raids inside Baghdad, and netted dozens of al Qaeda and insurgent suspects inside Baghdad over the past several days

---In northern Babil, U.S. forces captured an insurgent on its most wanted list in Jisr Diyala, along with four suspected insurgents. While not mentioned, he appears to be linked to the Iranian-backed Special Groups, "The detained 'high-value individual' is believed to be responsible for the recent increase in explosively formed projectile improvised explosive devices and indirect fire attacks against Coalition Forces east of Baghdad," Multinational Forces Iraq stated. He also was involved in an organized crime network in the region.

---Mosul and the northern areas remain contested areas as al Qaeda is attempting to reestablish its base in the region while Coalition forces pressure the organization in Baghdad and the Belts. Iraqi and Coalition forces have been pressing al Qaeda's network in Mosul.

Plenty more at the link.

Fairness Doctrine Practiced Here, When We Want To.

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