Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jack Murtha: Milorganite Material


Jack Murtha's well on his way to becoming the slimiest Congressman since Adam Clayton Powell.

We all know about the "Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure," which does not exist, getting $1MM just because Murtha Says. When Jack "Marines Are Wanton Killers" Murtha attempts to slime his way around that minor problem, he identifies the "Center" as part of another outfit, Concurrent Technology Corporation -- a non-profit "technology innovation center" that has received millions of taxpayer dollars in recent years.

OK. So it was a 'paperwork error.' No big.

Wrong again, sucker!

Murtha, meanwhile, defended the earmark by arguing that it provides funding for a project that the Department of Energy considers high-priority. This assertion, according to DoE, is false.

Jack Murtha is a large dose of the primary ingredient of Milorganite.

He should be flushed.

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