Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tyranny from the Greenies

Not here...yet.

But in England, they're rather blatant about it.

...the British group The Optimum Population demanding that parents in the United Kingdom limit family size. If they won’t do so voluntarily, the organization says coercive measures will be necessary

The Optimum Population Trust’s hysteria is occasioned by a recent blip in British child-bearing, which rose from 1.8 children per woman in 2005 to 1.87 in 2006. Demographers attribute the increase to more career women having children later in life.

This is still far below the post-World War II high for Britain, 2.93 in 1964. More significantly, it’s well below replacement level of 2.11. Even if the current rate is maintained, the United Kingdom will still see its population decline in every generation, absent massive immigration.

“The Optimum Population Trust is composed of radical environmentalists,” [Allen] Carlson charges. “They want the British to commit demographic suicide to reduce the global consumption of resources and set an example to the Third World. The group has actually calculated that the average British child born today will have the ‘environmental impact’ of 620 round-trip trans-Atlantic flights in the course of his or her lifetime.”

Yah...and the "third world" is really likely to follow the example of the Brits. (/sarcasm)

Source: World Congress of Families

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