Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dan Trawicki: Where's The Document?

A couple of weeks ago, we noted that Waukesha County's Sheriff, Dan Trawicki, was unhappy with the budget allocation he got.

Ken Herro, an Oconomowoc supervisor, noted that Trawicki had not bothered to write a report showing exactly why the County Jail 'would be understaffed' with the budget allocation.

Now Dan states that he's letting the prisoners out the door:

Sometime after Jan. 1, the gates of Waukesha County's work-release jail likely will swing open and dozens of inmates will be released at a time when they would otherwise be incarcerated

Several weeks after warning about the effect of budget constraints, the sheriff is moving ahead with plans to shut down part of the work-release program and release 50 to 60 offenders.

Work-release employees must be shifted to the main jail, Trawicki said, because the Sheriff's Department was denied $400,000 in the county's 2007 budget to hire eight additional jail workers.

Pardon me, Dan-O--but let's see your thoughts on this matter in WRITING. One hates to think that you're featherbedding the deputies out here...

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