Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ex-Wisconsin Exec In the News

The illegal-alien problem which surfaced at Swift & Co. will have repercussions. This was not a "Plant-HR-Manager" problem...

With that in mind, guess who is Chairman of the Swift Board of Directors?

George Gillett Jr.

George N. Gillett Jr. became Chairman of the Board and a director of Swift Operating in September 2002. He is Chairman of the Board and President of Booth Creek Management Corp., a company with investments in a wide variety of businesses, since founding the Company in 1996. He also is Chairman of Booth Creek Ski Holdings, Inc. since its formation in October 1996 and Chief Executive Officer since February 1997. From August 1994 to July 2001, he served as Chairman of Packerland Packing Company, Inc., a meat packing company. From January 1997 to February 2000, he served as Chairman of Corporate Brand Foods America, Inc., a processor and marketer of meat and poultry products, which was acquired by IBP, Inc.

I imagine that George will be working through the holidays...

Some editorial content from RealClearPolitics on the illegal immigrant problem:

Who doesn't suffer from illegal immigration? For starters, the people who write about it. I speak of the journalism profession, which has the habit of covering the issue by anecdotes. Reporters thrive on sympathetic stories about illegal immigrants who work hard and go to church.
But, were a busload of illegals from Australia to turn up at their newspaper and offer reportage at 10 percent below the going rate, the writers would call the authorities so fast that your head would spin.

...The U.S. Chamber of Commerce likes to wail about the "labor shortage." It says there aren't enough chambermaids, dishwashers, etc. to work for its members at lousy wages. Odd, but when there's a shortage of labor -- or anything else -- doesn't the price of it go up? The price of unskilled labor in the United States hasn't gone up. It's gone down. Because of immigration, American-born high-school dropouts experienced a 5-percent loss in wages during the '80s and '90s, according to a study by Harvard economist George Borjas.

There's plenty of work for ICE to do, just in the Milwaukee area. Ask around...

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