Friday, December 29, 2006

DarthDoyle Pays Fine for Ethics Violation

Darth went to a Packers/Bears game--he purchased the tickets from a utility which had business before the State and who employed a lobbyist. That makes the purchase illegal.

Frankly, I'm sympathetic to Doyle here. He paid for the tix with his own money. I'll grant you that 'luxury box' accomodations are not easy to come by, and obviously the utility wanted to be in Darth's good graces.

But that's another argument for another day. Here's the part of the article which is MOST interesting:

In its report, the Ethics Board notes that it could only put together a “bare outline” of the incident, because those involved said they have little or no memory of the event. No one interviewed could remember whether WPS or Antonneau offered the tickets to Doyle, or whether Doyle had requested them.

IOW, all the players knew what they did was a no-no, and they chose to forget.

HT: Owen.

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