Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More on the Upcoming Tridentine Indult/Motu Proprio

From Rorate Coeli:

Benedict XVI intends to extend the indult of his predecessor, in fact withdrawing from the bishops discretionary power on the matter: the Missal of Saint Pius V is no longer abolished, and even if the ordinary Roman Rite is that originated from the post-conciliar liturgical reform, the old one -- used by centuries in the Church -- can subsist as an "extraordinary rite".

The bishops, therefore, will not be able to deny the ancient mass anymore, but only regulate its eventual celebration, together with the parish priests, harmonising it with the need of the community. The corrections included would have reduced from 50 to 30 the minimal number of faithful who ask for the celebration according to the old rite. As for the readmission of the Lefebvrists, once the rite of Saint Pius V is liberalized, the deal should be easier.

The SSPX/LeFebvre part of this has always been in the background; it's Romanita stuff. Obviously, the distress of the "New Liturgists" in the school of Bugsy Bugnini and his local acolyte will be severe, with the "no Bishop's permission" line.



Anonymous said...

Something tells me that the Latin Mass will only bring in the uneasy Lefebvrists, while the harder core holds out for a recinding of anything connected to Vat II. For some, just knowing that Roger Mahony is out there, somewhere, celebrating the Novus Ordo with kool-ade jugs, will be enough to maintain their resistance.

David L Alexander said...

I find it difficult to imagine, from a practical point of view, that a bishop's "discretionary power" can be completely removed in this matter. The ability "to regulate its eventual celebration" sounds like all the "discretion" some would require.

As to the "needs of the community," what defines that? Most applications of the Indult of which I am aware serve people who cross various parish boundaries for a Mass that is added to a parish's schedule. So the pastor ends up extending his pastoral care beyond his normal reach. To what extent is that practical in a region where there are not enough priests as it is, and the ones who are there can only say three Masses on a Sunday?

Whatever happens, I wouldn't look for it to be overnight.

Dad29 said...

There will undoubtedly be some regulatory control for the Bishops.

But the thrust of the motu proprio seems to be that the Bishops will not have too many excuses left for telling Old Rite hopefuls to stuff it.