Friday, December 29, 2006

Pony Up, Doyle!

Somehow this item was not run in the online version of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Probably an oversight.

Wisconsin's Democratic governor should reimburse victims of recent armed robberies in the state because its citizens are not permitted to carry concealed weapons and protect themselves when confronted by criminals, a gun rights group said.

It's "time for politicians to pay the price for their decisions," said Joe Waldron, executive director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), pointing to Gov. Jim Doyle's opposition to concealed carry laws.

Both Doyle and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D), who supports the governor's stance, should "open their wallets," Waldron told Cybercast News Service.

"If they personally feel so strongly that citizens should not be allowed to defend themselves, then they should bear the costs of that disarming of the citizens."

It's an interesting theory, but SCOWI, under the management of Screechin'Shirley, has embarked on a Balkan-map scheme of interpreting the amendment which allows possession "for any lawful purpose."

Here's Screech's scheme: "Maybe. You have to ask Mommy (that's me!) first. Or maybe later. We'll decide, right here in Madistan, in our courtroom, whether you have a right to self-defense. But then again, maybe we won't. You'll never know until you've spent a lot of money, maybe."

But if you think that SCOWI's position is mysterious, here's one that's downright enigmatic:

"There are laws on the books that restrain people from carrying concealed firearms because the public policy benefits outweigh the possible costs of the extremely rare times when having a concealed weapon prevents somebody from being injured," [said the Brady Campaign spokes-critter, Peter Hamm].

Well, Peter, under SCOWI's scheme, there are some 'public policy benefits' which outweigh....etc., etc. Maybe. Sometimes. Did you ask? Say "Mommy, May I?" Peter.

Hamm did not cite any of the "benefits." Maybe that's because Shirley didn't give him an updated list.

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