Monday, December 18, 2006

"Most Wanted--Wisconsin" an Odd Case in Wiggy's World

Over the weekend, Channel 6 ran a profile of another of "Wisconsin's Most Wanted," a fellow who the US Marshal wants for attempted murder.

The story provokes some mixed feelings.

The shooter's daughter married a man who enjoyed beating his wife, and apparently threatened to burn down their house (with her in it) as well. The shooter happens to see this piece-of-crap-son-in-law driving down the street one night, flags him down, and pops several rounds through the passenger-side window.

The wife-beating son-in-law survived, more or less.

Can't say that there are any heroes in this tale, but somehow I'm not...enthusiastically awaiting the capture of the PO'd daddy here.

Oh, yeah--it's a Wiggy-World deal. The shooting occurred on Arcadian Avenue.

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James Wigderson said...

The crack dealers were quieter.