Monday, December 25, 2006

Journalism Project

Here's a local newspaper which has poked at the Muslim wasps' nest and got some very interesting responses:

The other day I blogged about a meeting the editorial board of the Dallas Morning News had with leaders in the local Muslim community. I described the Muslims as defensive and evasive. Mohamed Elmougy, who led the group, wrote a subsequent e-mail to my supervisors and to me describing me as dishonest, saying that I've singlehandedly burned the bridges the Muslim community and the DMN have built, and that I should be fired.

I've spent a good part of today transcribing the recording of the meeting. I have the entire transcript posted here on the DMN editorial board blog. It's over 7,000 words, but I strongly recommend that you go read it, to get a flavor of the questions we asked, and the answers they gave. We're going to try to convert the soundfile to a postable format, so you can listen to the meeting at some point. But I wanted to get this transcript up today.

Note especially the obfuscation, the evasion (e.g., avoiding a direct answer to the repeated question of whether the US should live under sharia law), the defense of sharia punishments like hand-chopping and stoning, and the attempt to answer legitimate questions by challenging the motives of the journalist for asking it. Note the unwillingness to say that there's anything wrong with Islamic youth reading Sayyid Qutb, that the real wrong is thinking that it's wrong. And so forth.

Might even be something George Stanley wants to bandy about with his troops for the Milwaukee area, no?


Billiam said...

They learned well from the race pimps like Jackson and Sharpton. Rather than defend your position and answer the question, you instead call the questioner a racist and question their motives. This play presents itself in many different forms, but the same essential play.

Anonymous said...

Islam is NOT a religion. It is a criminal terrorist movement based on the power of murder, rape, genocide, perpetual war with all others, robbery and the other horrors taught by Mohammed (A liar, murderer, bandit and sexual abuser of a nine year old girl child).

Anonymous said...

I guess according to you guys; sexual abuse of children by priests is part of Catholism!! Right..