Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bush Boyzzz Continue Name-Calling

Working on the "legacy" already...

Michael Gerson, former speechwriter and policy advisor to President Bush, offers an all out assault on limited government conservatism in Newsweek, calling those of us who believe in smaller government "fundamentalists" and concluding that "any political movement that elevates abstract antigovernment ideology above human needs is hardly conservative, and unlikely to win."


On the Fair Trade question (GWB prefers "Free Trade",) it's "Protectionists."

On the Illegal Immigrant question (GWB likes it) it's "Nativists" and "Xenophobes."

Sure would be nice if the Bush Boyzzz could figure out how to deliver an argument rather than mindless name-calling.

Of course, it's possible that 'mindless' epithets are all they're capable of delivering...

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